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Our Founder, Danielle Briana Mathis

Danielle Briana Mathis, native of Macon, GA, graduated as an Industrial and Systems Engineering major with a concentration in Quality and Statistics and a certificate in Advanced Personalized Learning via the Grand Challenges Scholar program. She has a passion to serve God and her community by using her creativity in ways, such as singing, writing, innovative engineering, directing and event planning. On the Georgia Tech campus, she served many prominent leadership roles, such as formerly being President and gospel choir director 2015-2016 of the G.I.F.T.E.D. Christian organization, which has made a significant impact on her growth spiritually and in leadership. She also enjoyed being a GT Diversity Ambassador. Her biggest accomplishment to date is founding the non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Caterpillar’s Promise, Inc., which motivates others to use their talents for the greater good. Her organization started as a vision in 2011 while in high school at a summer leadership program that evolved into a service project December of 2011 under the initiating name All Around Actions, which has grown in projects and impact as officially Caterpillar’s Promise, Inc.  With her organization, she was able to initiate many events that include debuting her self-written musical production at the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech in January 2017 followed by a sequel in December 2017 along with start youth development programs in the Atlanta community focused on the correlation of STEM and the Arts.

Along with managing CPromise, Danielle enjoys supporting other community initiatives from her peers and mentors.  She’s participated in research in the ISYE department, but she really enjoyed being apart of the GT Engineering for Social Innovation Center doing research with other students in different majors to solve world problems. She interned with the Department of Defense. She also served as an employee for CEISMC(Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing), where she has served as co-tournament director for the 2017 GT Science Olympiad, a nationally recognized competition for students. After college, she became a full-time data analyst consultant and also started her own company DBMeta Studios LLC, which focuses on transforming database information into art form as well as houses her creativity especially the fusion between STEM and the Arts. However, her journey doesn’t stop there because her goals holistically are to use all of her talents and skills for the greater good and motivate others to do the same as she does with Caterpillar’s Promise, Inc.