The purpose of Caterpillar's Promise, Inc. is to motivate others, especially the youth, to use their talents, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, for the greater good through its service, seminars, and showcases. The organization is based on the foundation of fulfilling its purpose through development. That is the caterpillar's promise. Therefore, the metamorphosis of a butterfly was adapted to represent the organization in 2015, which was originally initiated under the name All Around Actions in 2011 in Macon, GA while the founder, Danielle Briana Mathis, was in high school. Soon after the founder created seven community goals under the name, All Around Actions Initiatives, and a specific mission for the youth centered around five E’s: To encourage, enlighten, excite, educate, and elevate. The organization officially became an official non-profit corporation of the State of Georgia on October, 27th, 2016 and the founder gathered an initial executive board, partners, and advisory council.

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the youth to use their gifts to give back to the community


the youth about opportunities and resources that are available to them


the youth about fulfilling a purposeful future


the youth so they can uplift the next generation


the youth about the world around them